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Program Development Labs, Inc. is a full service technology development company. Founded in 1987, PDL has actively developed and deployed technology solutions for clients in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Medical, Legal, Educational, and Entertainment Industries.

Outsourcing is a key strategic component for all companies seeking to accelerate their Return On Investment (ROI), while managing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). PDL engineers cost effective, high quality, and reliable solutions for its clients.

From full life cycle developments to maintenance enhancements, from consulting services to support agreements, PDL can assist you in all phases of project development.

 Business Vision

Technology projects succeed when all parties have a clear understanding of the roles they play. PDL takes a consulting role in every project in which it participates. This role provides us with the opportunity to apply our technology skills across a wide spectrum of industries. Regardless of the client's size, the technology project life cycle is the same and it is to this end that we focus.


Business Challenge

The Internet has become the business highway of the future, so it is not surprising that many companies are looking seriously at integrating this channel into their corporate strategies. PDL sees this new business channel as a serious challenge to all businesses. The number of potential customers available to any business operating on the Internet is enormous. It can transform a business from a local operation to an international operation overnight. 

The cost of harnessing the Internet as a business channel can be equally enormous. PDL has successfully launched e-commerce and advertising sites on the Internet for many businesses. 

The Internet – A Technology Platform Not A Technology Solution

The Internet is not a technology solution but a technology platform. The key issue in harnessing this platform is to understand how your business can be presented on the Internet and make the most of that presence.

From hosting requirements to web site design and development to post-launch support, PDL tailors a solution that fits the budget of its customers and in reasonable time frames. We work hard to make sure the technology solution you are building is the foundation for future success, not a quick detour. 


Searching for a Synergy

Whenever a company looks outside for technology expertise, several key issues need to be addressed. 

First, does this potential company possess the depth of technology experience to successfully assist in your company's technology projects? PDL  has participated in technology projects with organizations of many sizes. We have played a lead role, consulting role, support role, development role, and design role on many projects over fifteen years. 

Second, is that company diversified enough to deal with short and long term business considerations and risk management? PDL has both short term and long-term clients. Our involvement is completely based on the needs of the client and the role, our clients’ see us filling. We are customer focused and driven to have our clients succeed in taking full advantage of any and all technology solutions that best fit their needs, budgets and 

Third, is the price for these services competitive? PDL understands that technology needs to be price competitive and price sensitive. It is here where we focus hardest by selecting deployment and development strategies that are reliable, maintainable and cost effective. 

 Not a Sales Pitch

We speak often with potential customers about any number of technology issues. We believe it is more important to understand your business and what you are looking to achieve, before we make suggestions on how technology fits into the equation. We spend a fair amount of time talking with prospective clients before presenting a proposal.  If you are currently considering how technology or the Internet can fit into your business strategy, please consider contacting us.


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